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Our Story So Far...

The name "New But West" came about when two East side AA groups lost their space around the same time - The New Group, which met at the French Church on 60th Street, and the Renaissance Group from 48th Street. Both Groups joined together to start their current home a little further West in Midtown at St. Mary's and New But West was born in March of 1985.  


Over the years, New But West has grown into three meetings every weekday at 12:30 PM, an afternoon meeting at 5:30 PM, and two weekend meetings. We have a legendary daily Beginners Meeting (often referred to as "The Kitchen" because it was held in the kitchen of the church), Step Meetings, Monday Men's & Wednesday Women's meetings and weekly Big Book Study on Friday. 


Our diverse fellowship is unique, inclusive and a welcoming crowd.  please Stop by in-Person and Online and see for yourself!


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