In an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19, New But West's meeting space will be CLOSED and all New But West meetings are suspended until further notice.

Please join our ongoing Zoom meetings, by clicking the corresponding buttons below.

12:30 PM beginners meeting:

mon/tues/wed/fri - topic


thurs - steps 1-3

12:30 PM big room/rotating:

mon - topic, tues - steps 4-7, wed - speaker,


thurs - steps 8-12, fri - big book

5:30 PM new but west:

mon - beginner, tues - big book, wed - topic,

thurs - step, fri - discussion





12:30 pm monday men's:

12:30 pm wednesday women's:

10:00 AM saturday nbw:

5:00 pM sunday nbw: